Rack’Em Up!

Enhance your hunting experience and increase success rates by using Rack’Em Up deer attractant. Made in Canada from all Canadian ingredients, it’s the formula deer love. With a sweet apple extract blended into the formula the deer keep coming back.

Get the Hunter’s Edge! Rack’Em Up is formulated using Canadian ingredients proven to attract deer including sweet apple extract with our proprietary blend of plant fibre.

• Easy to use pellet works with or without a feeder (not included)
• No animal by-products
• Long shelf life and easy to store
• Field tested
• Made from a variety of grains and other natural ingredients to foster growth
• High quality digestible fiber that is safe for deer
• Limited starches that can be dangerous and cause digestive upset
• Developed and formulated by leading Canadian feed pellet manufacturer

From our years of experience in the deer feed market, we know what deer like and we know what grows the biggest racks. Working with professional hunters, Rack’Em Up was created to provide a cost effective, plant based, deer attractant. Now the Hunter’s Edge is available to you!

Baiting of wild deer is prohibited in some areas. Please consult local laws and regulations before using this product.